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This is the place for IP storytelling: Our IP Specials are thematic packages consisting of a bunch of different media formats such as interviews, articles, or infographics that take a closer look at a specific IP topic.


Open Science

Open Science, which emphasizes transparent and rapid sharing of knowledge and data in scientific processes, has been a longstanding policy priority for the European Commission and has been extensively promoted. With this IP Special, we take a closer look at the Open Science concept.

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Impact Licensing

Many technologies are still underused to solve the global societal challenges of today and tomorrow. Impact licensing is a strategic instrument to bring technologies into societal markets in a scalable and (economically) sustainable way. This package contains a set of useful material focusing on important aspects of impact licensing.

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Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring detects unauthorised use of trademarks online and offline, gives an early warning of potential infringements and helps protect the brand as well as reputation. This Special comprises a collection of helpful resources for brand monitoring, assisting you in safeguarding your reputation and brand.

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Intellectual Property Valuation

Intellectual property (IP) assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets are increasingly the core of many organisations and transactions and knowing the economic value and importance of the IP rights you create and develop is key to the strategic decisions to be taken on the assets. With this Special, we take a look at the core aspects of IP valuation.

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Knowledge Valorisation in R&I Collaborations

Research and Innovation (R&I), knowledge sharing and collaboration across Member States will accelerate turning publicly funded research solutions into innovative solutions with high socio-economic impact. This Special contains a set of useful material focusing on valorisation of research results and scientific knowledge.

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Assignment of IP

An IP assignment is a transfer of ownership of an intellectual property right, such as a patent, trade mark or copyright, from one party (the assignor) to another party (the assignee). This package highlights the characteristics of assignment agreements, including a fact sheet, infographic, and an IP guide.

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IP and Social Media

Nowadays, social media platforms are an essential instrument for many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Within the realm of social media intellectual property rights (IPRs) are very present. This Special focusing on different IP rights involved on social media platforms contains a video clip and a fact sheet.

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While the Internet has created a plethora of opportunites for SMEs to expand and boost their businesses, it also provides an ideal platform for infringers to sell counterfeit products and commit fraud. With this Special, we take a look at domain name ownership and registration and explain the issue of cybersquatting. 

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Trademarks, the face of your business, are one of the best-known Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This package contains a set of useful material focusing on Trademarks from different perspectives.

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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is Europe’s biggest-ever R&D programme and one of the largest public funding schemes for research and innovation in the world. This Special highlights the key features and novelties of the programme comprising various insightful articles. 

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Copyright is the legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright, publisher or distributor to the exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. This package includes a fact sheet on Copright Essentials, an animated clip and and a dedicated infographic.

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IP in Websites

In our rapidly evolving digital world, questions related to IP  and how to protect content online have been at the forefront of discussions for long. Just because something is online does not mean it is "free". In this Special we take a look at major IP aspects to be considered when getting out and about on the World Wide Web.

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IP in the Fashion Industry

Europe is home to some of history’s most important textile and fashion inventions alongside numerous acclaimed designers, manufacturers, and innovators. This Special spotlights central IP issues in the fashion industry, comprising a fact sheet, infographic and clip.

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Intellectual Property Licensing

This package on IP Licensing includes an animated clip introducing you to the topic, infographics on the key ingredients of a licence and a case study focusing on the licensing strategy of the German clean-tech SME Orcan Energy.

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Copyright and Cultural Heritage

This package focusing on Copyright and Cultural Heritage contains an animated short clip, an article focusing on the topic and a fact sheet on the new EU Copyright Directive.

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Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have turned science fiction into reality quite a while ago. But how will these new innovations impact the intellectual property world? This IP Special features two articles on the topic - have a read!

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IP in the Field of Renewable Energies

Renewable energies are increasingly displacing fossil fuels and it is no surprise they attract innovative businesses and technologies. This Special contains a set of useful material focusing on IP considerations in the green energy sector.

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IP in the Videogames Industry

In the IP-intensive videogames industry, developing a proactive IP strategy is essential to the success of the development enterprise. This Special contains an animated short clip, an article and an infographic outlining the different applicable IP rights.

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World IP Day 2020

26 April is World IP Day! Check out our 2020 Special featuring a short clip, a brand-new fact sheet on valorisation policies by the European Commission and some of our material related to the 2020 theme "Innovate for a Green Future".

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IP Management and Digitisation

Due to digitisation, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, the economic competitiveness of companies depends more and more on the generation and exploitation of their IP. Learn more about IP Management and digitisation in this IP Special.

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