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IP Helpdesk


The IP Helpdesk is intended for European SMEs and researchers closely collaborating with business, technology transfer, and research intermediaries across Europe and worldwide.

The IP Helpdesk provides free-of-charge, first-line IP support to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) covering five different regions: Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America and South-East Asia. The team for Europe additionally assists SMEs and researchers participating in EU-funded research projects with IP issues specifically related to these programmes. 

Whether you need personal, confidential support on a specific IP issue, are looking for jargon-free materials and resources, or are interested in a training session on IP – the IP Helpdesk is the right partner to turn to.

Submit your IP question and get free, first-line and confidential advice from our experts in three working days.

Explore our online and on-site training events covering different regions and a wide range of IP topics and sectors.

Free user-friendly IP materials such as guides, factsheets, case studies, infographics, e-learning modules, and more.

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