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Europe - IP Specials - World IP Day 2020

Animated Clip: Happy World IP Day

26 April is World IP Day! This short teaser puts you in the right mood for the 2020 theme "Innovate for a Green Future". Learn more about the WIPO #WorldIPDay activities 2020!

European Commission Fact Sheet: Valorisation Policies

European Commission Fact Sheet: Valorisation Policies

Climate, health and digitalisation are a key part of the European Commission's priorities. Research and innovation is a driving force that will support the transition towards a more sustainable society. The new EU Industrial policy reflects how the twin ecological and digital transitions will affect every part of our society and economy including industry. They will require new technologies, with investment and innovation to match.

Relating to the 2020 World IP Day theme "Innovate for a Green Future", the European Commission has published a fact sheet on valorisation policies helping to make research results and IP assets work for society.

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Case Study

Case Study

It has been three years since the Paris Agreement of the United Nations has taken effect with the aim of substantially reducing the risks and effects of human-caused global warming. Yet, our environment is still paying the price for our collective overconsumption of energy and natural resources such as fossil fuels.

With electricity generation being one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions, the German SME Orcan Energy AG has entered the stage with a far-reaching vision: to make existing energy supply more efficient and sustainable, both in Europe and around the world. The present case study outlines how a licensing deal helped the company to scale up its technology and establish a market presence in China.

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Fact Sheet: IP in the Field of Renewable Energies

Fact Sheet: IP in the Field of Renewable Energies

Renewable energy is energy from sources that do not diminish or that can be replenished. These are also referred to as “green” or “clean” energies, because the energy production does not generate greenhouse emissions or air pollutants.

Renewable energies are increasingly displacing fossil fuels in the power sector. As this industry continues to evolve, we now have a growing number of innovative and cheaper ways to capture and retain wind or solar energy. Hence, the importance of renewable energies constantly increases. In fact, in 2017, 17.5% of energy consumed in the EU stemmed from renewable energies with the target being to reach 20% by 2020.

This fact sheet intends to gives an overview (from a European perspective) of central IP questions relevant for this dynamic energy sector. Moreover, it will shine a light on aspects related to Competition Law and the issue of State Aid. And finally, key EU funding initiatives and opportunities in this field will be highlighted.

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