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IP Helpdesk

IP tools

The IP Helpdesk tools are free services designed to guide EU SMEs in IP related cost management and to assess IP management readiness and maturity.

IP cost tool

The purpose of the Cost Tool is to provide EU SMEs with a reliable overview of costs involved with the registration of their IP in third markets (China, India, South-east Asia, Latin-America). The costs are expressed in Euro where possible so as to ensure the information is easy to grasp for EU SME needing an estimate of costs incurred when dealing with the national IP offices of the countries you are thinking to do business with/in!

Like all other services we provide, the tool will be freely accessible with minimal input required from the user and provide a real-time response. Based on the options selected you will be able to find information regarding the following fees for the registration of trade marks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and copyright:

  • Application Fees
  • Examination Fees
  • Renewal Fees
  • Surcharges / exceptions
  • Annuity Fee

IP diagnostic tool

The IP Diagnostic tool will help you analyse your level of preparedness and knowledge in IP and identify the relevant aspects on which you may need further information. 

This test consists of a questionnaire divided into three categories:

  • IP Protection – to identify which are the most relevant IP rights to you
  • IP Internationalisation and Commercialisation – to assess your knowledge on how IP rights can be exploited for your business 
  • IP Practice – to test your general awareness in IP

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will get a personalised report helping you identify the areas in which you should be careful in drafting or adapting your IP strategy when internationalising to a new region.