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Europe - IP Specials - IP in the Fashion Industry

Fact Sheet: IP in Fashion

IP in Fashion - Hand drafting design

Europe is home to some of history’s most important textile and fashion inventions and a number of the most celebrated designers, manufacturers, innovators and artists, such as Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior, to name a few.

Today, the EU textile and clothing sector remains an SME-based industry. But it is also very much a global industry with the chain of production, wholesale and retail including dozens of stakeholders spanning many continents. Due to its size, the fashion industry across Europe offers many business opportunities. However, it also faces major issues such as counterfeiting, knock-off or unfair competition.

Against this backdrop, the present fact sheet sheds light on the importance of different intellectual property (IP) rights such as trademarks, designs, or copyright for the fashion industry and underlines the importance of a sound IP strategy for the welfare and protection of businesses – especially SMEs – striving to succeed in this dynamic industry sector.

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Infographic: IP in the Fashion Industry in a Nutshell

IP in Fashion - Women and handbag

All designers dream of international exposure: seeing their designs out in the street or worn by the most famous. While this dream is achievable, it requires a strong intellectual property (IP) strategy to avoid counterfeits ruining any chances of success. To this end, an effective plan to prevent and fight counterfeiters is of particular importance, since counterfeits represent 9,7 % of the fashion industry’s sales.

Take a look at our infographic for an overview of the different IP rights that are pivotal when it comes to the well-being and protection of businesses operating in the global fashion.

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Animated Clip: IP in Fashion

Various intellectual property (IP) rights such as trademarks, designs, or copyright play a fundamental role for designers, businesses and manufacturers in the clothing and textile industry. Watch our clip and learn more!