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Geographical Indication (GI)

 is a sign identifying products having a specific geographical origin and whose qualities and/or reputation are attributable to that origin.

Grace Period

In some countries the grace period allows for public disclosure of an invention (under certain conditions) without affecting the validity of a subsequent patent application, provided that a complete application is filed within 6 or 12 months of the disclosure.

Grant Agreement

is a contract concluded between the European Union or a funding organisation and the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) that have been successfully evaluated in the proposal stage of FP7 and Horizon 2020. Under this agreement, the beneficiary is awarded a grant and commits to a set of rights and obligations.

Grant preparation stage (Horizon 2020)

refers to the period running from the approval of the initial proposal to the signing of the Grant itself. During this period applicants must refine the scientific and technical details to prepare the Grant. IP related questions such as those of background and ownership of results must be solved by the beneficiaries during this period through the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement.

Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions

this guide helps participants understand and interpret the financial provisions of the Grant Agreement.