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The India IP SME Helpdesk offers a wide range of case studies showcasing different experiences from EU SMEs doing business in India. They cover a wide array of topics, ranging from the registration of trade marks to the protection of confidential information.

These case studies aim to illustrate the difficulties related to the protection of intellectual property that EU SMEs deal with when internationalising to India, and how to best avoid them.

These case studies will be listed below as soon as they are published.

“Ekotechnik Czech”, a Czech SME specialised in the installation and servicing of solar and hybrid power plants, with international presence in markets such as Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Romania, decided to expand to the Indian market and...
A German company specialised in the production of car breaking systems has not patented its most successful product in India. Recently, it has entered in a business arrangement with an India company for an R&D project, which has lead to the creation of a new patentable product. In order to find...
This case study presents the situation in which an EU SME had to call for help from customs to take action against infringers.
This case study is about the factors which come into account when deciding in favour of expensive patent protection, or cheaper - but riskier - trade secret protection
This case study tells the story of a French SME who had to take the relevant steps to protect its copyright against infringers in India