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Launching a new product in the India market


Publication date
16 August 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
Case study



“Ekotechnik Czech”, a Czech SME specialised in the installation and servicing of solar and hybrid power plants, with international presence in markets such as Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Romania, decided to expand to the Indian market and established a sister company named “Ekotechnik Manufacturing Limited” in Mumbai. The EU SME invented a product for the installation of solar panels that offers an improved functionality and allows for low manufacturing costs in comparison to already existing products. The panel installation invented by Ekotechnik is simple and very cost-effective. Hence, the EU SME was concerned that their technical solution might be copied by competitors the moment the product was launched into the market. Ekotechnik contacted an IP consultancy firm to assist and advise them in the implementation of an IPR strategy, since they did not have internal expertise.

Image Launching a new product in the Indian market


16 AUGUST 2021
Launching a new product in the Indian market