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IP scams and fake invoices


Publication date
11 November 2022
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
  • Case study


FavorFlora, a Greek SME selling para-pharmaceutical products, after having encountered success in its home market, has been following a policy of steady expansion to new and promising markets including India. They first registered their trade mark in Greece, and having later registered an EU trade mark for their product, the company recently decided to pursue protection in a series of countries (including India) through the Madrid System for the international registration of trade marks, as part of their internationalisation strategy. Since the Greek SME did not have a legal officer within their team, and the managing directors of the company did not have the time to handle these matters, FavorFlora hired a Greek IP firm to handle the international registration for their trade mark. The firm periodically informed the managing directors of the advancement of the procedure, and notified them whenever a specific action had to be taken (such as documentation which had to be provided).


11 NOVEMBER 2022
IP scams and fake invoices