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Design protection cost per country - India

You fill find in the table below the information regarding the costs of registering design rights in India.

Phases Activities Official Govt. Fees Expected Attorney Charges
Filing Phase Drafting and filing Design Application (Single Class) Individual/Small Entity/Startup: 23 Euros Approx. 150 - 200 Euros
Filing of Power of the Attorney NIL Approx 100 - 150 Euros 
Examination Phase Preparing and filing response to Examination report NIL Approx. 200-450 Euros
Attending Hearing at Indian Design Office and filing hearing submission (in case if objections raised by the Examiner in the FER were not found addressed or Examiner/Controller wants to further discuss the application). NIL Approx. 250-400 Euros
Registration & Renewal Phase Obtaining registration certificate NIL Approx 100 - 120 Euros
Industrial Design Renewal Individual/Natural person/Small Entity: 24 Euros Approx. 130-150 Euros

Useful link: India Patent Office - Design Division


Disclaimer: The fees included in these results are are an estimation of the minimum price of protection. This estimation only aims to serve as a guide, additional official costs and taxes may apply.  Furthermore the costs expressed in € are subject to change due to variations in the exchange rate with the local currency. No responsibility is accepted for actions taken the basis of the information provided in this document.