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Trade mark protection cost per country - Latin America

You fill find in the table below the information regarding the costs of registering trade marks in each Latin American country. 

Renewal costs (necessary to keep the right registered) are also included.


Trade mark protection cost per country


Cost of Registration*

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Cost of registration: 22€ per class

Renewal fees: 27€

Submission of Declaration of Use 10€


Cost of registration: 118€

Renewal fees: 59€


Cost of registration: 66€

Renewal fees: 168€


Cost of registration: 59€ + 120€ per class

Renewal fees: 351€ per class


Cost of Registration: 228€ + 114€ per class

Renewal Fees: 124€ + 61€ per additional class

Costa Rica

Cost of Registration: 41€ + 41€ per class

Renewal Fees: 41€ per class


Cost of Registration: 312€ +  92€ per additional class above 3 classes

Renewal Fees: 240€

Dominican Republic

Cost of Registration: 94€ to 100€ (Single class) depending on the type of mark

106€ to 110€ (Multi class) depending on the type of mark

Cost per Additional Item: 75€ to 81€ per additional class depending on the type of mark

Renewal Fees: 36€


Cost of Registration: 170€; 816€ for tridimensional marks

Renewal Fees: 170€

El Salvador

Cost of Registration: 82€ per class

Renewal Fees: 82€ per class


Cost of Registration: 44€

Renewal Fees: 22€


Cost of Registration: 24€ per class

Renewal Fees: 4€ yearly maintenance fee + 17€ renewal fee per class


Cost of Registration: 101€

Renewal Fees: 108€

Submission of Declaration of Use: 40€


Cost of Registration: 82€ + 41€ per class

Renewal Fees: 82€ per class


Cost of Registration: 61€

Renewal Fees: 46€ maintenance fee every 5 years + 46€ renewal fee every 10 years


Cost of Registration: 11€

Renewal Fees: 51€ yearly maintenance fee + 11€ renewal fee every 10 years


Cost of Registration: 121€ + 121€ per additional class

Renewal Fees 71€ per class


Cost of Registration: 104€ + 63€ per additional class (word mark); 145€ + 83€ per additional class (other marks)

Renewal Fees: 104€ + 63€ per additional class (word mark) 145€ + 83€ per additional class (other marks)


Cost of Registration: 193€

Renewal Fees: 124€


* The fees included in these results are are an estimation of the minimum price of protection. This estimation only aims to serve as a guide. Additional official costs and taxes may apply. These costs do not include agent fees which may substantially raise the full cost of protection. Furthermore, the costs expressed in € are subject to change due to variations in the exchange rate with the local currency. No responsibility is accepted for actions taken on the basis of the information provided in this online tool.

** Considering the high fluctuation of the exchange rate between € and Venezuelian Bolivars, we are not able to offer a reliable estimation of the costs for EU companies in protecting their intellectual property in Venezuela.

*** The amounts give an estimate of the costs involved in the protection of a specific IP right for the duration indicated.