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Copyright protection cost in China

You will find in the table below the information regarding the costs of registering copyrighted works in the 4 jurisdictions of China including Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

  Activities Official registration fees Official registration fees in approx. Euros Useful links

Registration fee

Subject to the type/length of work

CNY 100 - CNY 2,000 per work € 13 - € 260 per work


Note: Registration of software is free of charge.
Hong Kong Registration fee: N/A (no registration)
Macau Registration fee: N/A (no registration)
Taiwan Registration fee: N/A (no registration)



Disclaimer: The fees included in these results are an estimation of the minimum price of protection. This estimation only aims to serve as a guide, additional official costs and taxes may apply. These costs do not include agent fees which may substantially raise the full cost of protection. Furthermore the costs expressed in €o are subject to change due to variations in the exchange rate with the local currency. No responsibility is accepted for actions taken the basis of the information provided in this document.

The amounts give an estimate of the costs involved in the protection of a specific IP right for the duration indicated.