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Trade mark protection cost per country - South-East Asia

You fill find in the table below the information regarding the costs of registering trade marks in South-East Asia


Estimation of total official fees* for one class of goods / services (from filing to registration)

Duration of registration procedure**

Renewal fees

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Brunei Darussalam


10 to 12 months  
Cambodia 86€ 9 to 12 months  
Indonesia 107€ 24 to 36 months  
Laos 102€ 12 to 15 months  
Malaysia 211€ 1 year  
Official fees have not yet been published and the IP Office is not yet operational
Philippines 66€ for small entities (not more than 1,694,169 € worth of assets); 104 € for other entities 6 months  
Singapore 226€ 6 to 9 months  
Thailand 47 € per item (good /service) & per class 12 to 18 months  

54 € for one class with up to 6 goods or services


33 € for each additional class 6 € for each additional good / service as from the 7th item comprised in one class

18 to 24 months  

* The fees included in these results are an estimation of the minimum official fees charged by the national IP office, from the filing stage to the final registration stage. Additional official costs and taxes may apply on a case-by-case basis. These costs do not include professional agent fees nor any additional fees (disbursements) which could be charged either by the IP Office or by the IP agent. Furthermore, please note that all costs expressed are in € and the currency exchange rates from local currency were calculated at a specific date / time (currency exchange rates are subject to variations notably during economic crisis). No responsibility, nor any liability action should be brought against the Helpdesk on the basis of the information provided in this tool. 

**This timeline is estimated for a smooth registration process (a smooth process would mean no Office Action issued by the IP office, nor any opposition or claim filed by a third party). In addition, the length of the registration process may take longer depending on the complexity of the application and due to extraordinary events (sanitary crisis for example).