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Case Studies

The following Helpdesk publications provide testimonies from the real cases that the EU business experienced while operating in Africa.

Cover of the case study
General publications6 November 2023
ARIPO – IP Case Study – Trade mark protection and enforcement


Cover ARIPO file
General publications21 December 2022
ARIPO - IP Case Study - countries infringement of unregistered well-known marks


Egypt - IP Case Study
General publications22 September 2023
Egypt - IP Case Study - infringement of trade marks in sportswear


Cover Ghana file
General publications21 December 2022
Ghana - IP Case Study - brand protection due diligence


Kenya - Case study
General publications30 June 2022
Kenya - IP Case Study - IPR Customs protection


Front page Nigeria case study
General publications1 December 2023
Nigeria - IP Case Study – Combating counterfeiting in e-commerce platforms


Cover IP Case Study Nigeria and South Africa
General publications27 October 2023
Nigeria and South Africa - IP Case Study - Retail IP asset commercialisation strategy


OAPI case study front page
General publications5 October 2022
OAPI - IP Case Study - OAPI Trade mark registration


Cover South-Africa case study
General publications4 July 2023
South Africa - IP Case Study - Comparison of patent portfolios in the concentrated solar sector, with an emphasis on Southern Africa


Cover Zimbabwe file
General publications21 December 2022
Zimbabwe - IP Case Study - trade mark prosecution: pre-filing Searches