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The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk team proudly welcomes you to its blog, in which you will find updated information concerning Intellectual Property Rights in Latin America, as well as other interesting information about SMEs, Internationalization, R&D or Innovation.

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‘Non-traditional’ Trade Marks in Latin America

Non-traditional trade marks are not uniformly protected in Latin America and EU SMEs need to be aware of the different legal requirements and challenges for registering them in the region before entering those markets.   

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IP in the e-commerce sector in Latin America (Pt. 2)

As it was previously mentioned in Part I of this series on the protection of your IP on e-commerce platforms in Latin America, we will now look deeper into the specific issues of these platforms, with a quick guide on how to ensure that IP rights are best protected when doing business online in Lati

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IP in the e-commerce sector in Latin America (pt.1) - Europe

Given the rise in market share occupied by e-commerce, and the relevance of IP infringement taking place on these platforms, the major players in the sector have all been forced to adapt and take measures to try and curtail the phenomena.

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All you need to know about Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in Brazil

NDAs are legally enforceable in Brazil and widely used for general business purposes whenever a party needs to disclose sensitive or confidential information to its counterpart before the performance of a business project, commercial transaction, collaboration, due diligence, or hiring employees.

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New IP Law in Chile (II): main changes in the trade mark system

If you are an EU SME willing to protect your brand in Chile, and you would like to know how to register your trade mark, how to enforce your brand in Chile, stay with us, since today’s blog is about the main changes in Chile for the trade mark system.

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New IP law in Chile (I): main changes in the patent system

The entry into force of the dispositions of Ley Corta No. 21,355 imply the incorporation of unprecedented figures in the Chilean Industrial Property regulation. In this article, we will examine thoroughly what the changes in patents are.

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Register and protect you Intellectual Property in Mexico

How do I protect my trade mark? What are the steps to register a patent? Can I extend the protection of my EU trade mark, design or patent to Mexico? How is the best way to combine patent and trade secrets protection?

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World IP Day

The topic of world IP day this year is "IP and Youth: Innovating for a better future". Check out here how the young entrepreneurs and creators are can receive help in protecting their intellectual property in China, South East Asia, India and Latin America!

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EUIPO IP Enforcement Portal: keep infringements under control

With the new release, the IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP) becomes the single e-filing and management point for customs applications for action (AFA) for 24 Member States, with an alternative system for the remaining three (DE, ES and IT).