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The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk team proudly welcomes you to its blog, in which you will find updated information concerning Intellectual Property Rights in Latin America, as well as other interesting information about SMEs, Internationalization, R&D or Innovation.

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The topic of world IP day this year is "IP and Youth: Innovating for a better future". Check out here how the young entrepreneurs and creators are can receive help in protecting their intellectual property in China, South East Asia, India and Latin America!

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With the new release, the IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP) becomes the single e-filing and management point for customs applications for action (AFA) for 24 Member States, with an alternative system for the remaining three (DE, ES and IT).

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Are you interested in internationalizing your business to Argentina?  It is essential to protect your intangible assets through intellectual property rights. It is not an easy task. The first step is to find adequate information. Many doubts arise at the beginning of this challenge

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How do I protect my trade mark in Brazil? What are the steps to register a patent in Brazil? Can I extend the protection of my EU trade mark, design, or patent to Brazil? How is the best way to combine patent and trade secrets protection?

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One more year comes, and it is already 26 April, also known as the Intellectual Property day, as established by the World Intellectual Property Organi