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The India IP SME Helpdesk team welcomes you warmly to its blog, where you will find updated information concerning Intellectual Property Rights in India, as well as other interesting information about SMEs, internationalisation, R&D or innovation.

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Happy New Year 2023!

The India IP SME Helpdesk wishes to everyone a very happy 2023 and takes the opportunity to look back on the two years since its inception and all that has been accomplished!

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Online Marketplaces and Counterfeiting in India

Online marketplaces and E-Commerce has seen a phenomenal rise in recent times, in India and across the globe.
While this presents a great opportunity for European SMEs to sell their products worldwide, it also presents important challenges when it comes to fighting against counterfeiting.

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The role of Indian customs in the fight against counterfeits

Customs and border control authorities play an important role in the fight against the international commerce of counterfeits. In this blog post we explain how EU SMEs can and should use the services provided by Indian Customs to protect themselves against infringers.

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Protection of Traditional Expressions and Cultural Knowledge in India

Often, traditional knowledge can be a source of great inspiration, both in the cultural and scientific research field. However, EU SMEs should be very careful at the time of using expressions of cultural traditions in India as these are often protected.

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Use of blockchain to protect against counterfeiting

Blockchain has been a hot topic for the past few years. It can also prove to be a useful tool for the protection of EU SMEs intellectual property by acting as a control mechanism to avoid any counterfeits from entering the supply chain when importing from or exporting products to the Indian market.

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The geography of counterfeiting in India

Counterfeiting in India - like in many countries - is geographically spread throughout the territories: some areas are known for the production of fake watches, while others specialise in counterfeit car parts.

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Employee obligations in India: Confidentiality obligation and non-competition

Employees can have access to their employer's trade secrets, a valuable form of intellectual property. EU SMEs should know that Indian law differs from European standards on these matters in some way. Here we explain to you how, and why this is important to any EU SME looking to do business in India

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World IP Day

The topic of world IP day this year is "IP and Youth: Innovating for a better future". Check out here how the young entrepreneurs and creators are can receive help in protecting their intellectual property in China, South East Asia, India and Latin America!

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IP in India: 2021 Recap

A highlight of the most important IP-related developments in India

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Compulsory Licensing in India and changes brought to it by the TRIPS Agreement

Compulsory license is an authorization granted by the Government to a third party to use a patent without the consent of the patent owner who has been taking undue advantage of exclusive rights granted by patent. Indian follows international standards on the grant of these specific licences.