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The Requirements to Register a Shape Mark in India

Shape marks are a type of trademark that can be a powerful distinctive sign to identify the source of a product or service and give a very visual identifier to the brand, yet, it must surpass a certain threshold of distinctiveness.

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Watch Now: How to Register Copyright in India

Each region has specific rules and procedures in order to register intellectual property rights. Discover the specific aspects in India to register copyright.

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High-growth Technology Business Conference 2022: IPB Clinics

As a part of the High-growth technology business conference, IP Business (IPB) clinics are offered for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) needing IP-related business advice to get one-to-one mentoring from IP professionals or "mentors".

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Online Marketplaces and Counterfeiting in India

Online marketplaces and E-Commerce has seen a phenomenal rise in recent times, in India and across the globe.
While this presents a great opportunity for European SMEs to sell their products worldwide, it also presents important challenges when it comes to fighting against counterfeiting.

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New Case Study - Royalties on Sound Recordings in India

An Irish SME engaged in the business of operating private FM radio stations decided to launch an FM radio station in India. Find more about the actions taken by the company in order to successfully establish their business model in the country.