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News article3 March 20221 min read

"Talk Innovation" podcast series: EPO publishes final episode highlighting technology trends and ground-breaking inventions

The "Talk Innovation" podcast series – a cooperative effort of the European IP Helpdesk team and the European Patent Office (EPO) – has come to an end.

The last episode of the “Talk Innovation” podcast spotlights the inspiring story of Fos4X. The spin-out from the German Technical University of Munich developed new sensor technology to make wind turbines more efficient. Early on, the young founders decided to focus on practical applications for wind turbines, and their patents turned out to be a crucial factor in their success in a market of mostly large players.

The podcast is accompanied by a detailed case study published recently within the EPO's Technology Transfer series. Now, the series of seven technology transfer case studies and podcasts each are complete.

Listen here to the latest podcast episode. And find here the entire technology transfer case study series (including past podcast episodes). For easy browsing, all of the case studies and podcast episodes have also been in the European IP Helpdesk library.



Publication date
3 March 2022