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News article5 December 20221 min read

New Infographic: Commercialising IP - Assignment Agreements

Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation can take different forms such as IP assignment, licensing or joint venture and spin-off.

An IP assignment is a transfer of ownership of an intellectual property (IP) right, such as a patent, trade mark or copyright, from one party (the assignor) to another party (the assignee). However,
IP assignments differ from licence agreements as in the latter there is no transfer of ownership. The IPR holder (licensor) grants permission to another person (licensee) for the use of its IP, within the limits set by the provisions of the contract.

European IP Helpdesk team has recently published a new infographic that adds together the concept IP assignment, the benefits, risks and the key elements of assignment agreements.

The infographic is now available on European IP Helpdesk website.
For further information on licence agreements, check the fact sheet “Commercialising Intellectual Property: Licence Agreements” and the infographic “Key ingredients in a licence”.



Publication date
5 December 2022