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News article1 April 20221 min read

New Case Study: Successfully Surfing Terahertz Waves with IP

The European IP Helpdesk team has just published their latest case study on the successful business journey of das-Nano, an innovative Spanish tech company. Since 2021, das-Nano has been harnessing the power of Terahertz (THz) waves and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring new applications to the industry.

Founded by several experienced entrepreneurs, the das-Nano team discovered potential business opportunities in nanomaterials and THz electromagnetic waves. Based on this discovery, they designed the first Terahertz-based technology systems on the market. das-Nano was aware from the beginning that a clear IP management strategy is a critical factor in the success or failure of their business while also protecting and even possibly improving the company's competitiveness. das-Nano has, therefore, made use of multiple tools for the proper protection of its know-how and technological inventions.

Early and consistent IP management has proven to be a road to success for das-Nano. Protecting its intellectual assets at an early stage allowed the company to enter into market-driven R&D collaborations and helped to boost the commercialisation of products in the main global markets.

Learn more about das-Nano's IP strategy by reading the present case study. Find it as well as our previous case studies here.



Publication date
1 April 2022