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News article22 February 20221 min read

It’s a wrap! Two new case studies round up EPO’s publication series on successful technology transfer

Joining forces with the European IP Helpdesk team, the European Patent Office has published two more case studies illustrating the role of intellectual property (and patents in particular) for fruitful technology transfer processes. The new publications round up the existing set of five cases covering a broad range of different business sectors and thematic fields.

The case of the Portuguese start-up company Perceive3D tells the story of a young technology company spinning out from one of the oldest universities in the world. Led by a dedicated university professor with a strong entrepreneurial spirit the team has taken Augmented Reality (AR) technology to the surgery room to enhance medical imaging. They have developed a software that overlays the existing video from arthroscopy tower with clinical information displayed in AR, thus helping surgeons with higher metric accuracy.

The second case draws our attention to the field of renewable energies. Wind power makes an important contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it is currently the fastest growing global source of electricity. Fos4X, the company at the heart of the second case study, is a spin-out from the German Technical University of Munich. It was founded by five young researchers, who developed new sensor technology to make wind turbines more efficient. And by doing so, they have brought the Internet of Things to the wind parks.

Alongside the Perceive3D case study a new episode of the EPO’s “Talk innovation” podcast moderated by the European IP Helpdesk’s Stephanie Weber has been released. Listen in and learn more first-hand from the innovators about their exciting tech transfer journey.

Find the entire technology transfer case study series (including past podcast episodes) here. And listen to the latest podcast episode here. Plus, all of the case studies and podcast episodes are also available in the European IP Helpdesk library.



Publication date
22 February 2022