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News article3 February 20221 min read

A green tech success story from the oceans: New case study on innovation, sustainability and IP released

The award-winning innovative Spanish biotech SME AlgaEnergy has successfully scaled up microalgae cultivation processes and introduced innovative, competitive and sustainable products to the market, adding high value across multiple sectors. The European IP Helpdesk has now published a case study tracing AlgaEnergy's commitment to sustainable innovation paired with a sound IP strategy.

For many years, AlgaEnergy has been striving to alleviate the burden of three major threats to humankind: food security, environmental sustainability and energetic efficiency. Thanks to their multi-layered intellectual property (IP) management strategy developed early on, AlgaEnergy leveraged its broad knowledge and experience in the microalgae biotechnology sector despite high entry barriers to the market.

AlgaEnergy is an example that highlights the importance of IP protection to generate loyal and long-term collaborations with all stakeholders in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales. The company keeps exploring potential implementations and is currently marketing innovative products in different sectors such as human nutrition, animal nutrition, cosmetics and aquaculture.

Read the present case study and our previous case studies here.



Publication date
3 February 2022