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Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology



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Providing the right incentives to start a company is not a simple task. Nevertheless, India boasts several success stories pointing in the right direction. Discover how start-up numbers are rising in Gujarat State.


TNSCST aims to maintain liaison between Government of India and the State Government and to initiate, direct and co-ordinate research activities of Government Departments, Universities and other professional Bodies with a view to aid development of Scientific Research in the State. To identify areas for the applications of Science and Technology to the development needs, objectives and goals of Tamil Nadu, and in particular, to the prevailing conditions of backwardness, rural, unemployment and poverty.

To advise Government on the formulation of policies and measures including technical, administrative and legal devices which will promote such application to identified needs, objectives and goals - in particular to health, education and manpower utilization with special emphasis on the development of human skills in the rural areas and in the slums, and which will promote the scientific management of the natural resources of the State.

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Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology
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