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Name: Wai Yeng Chan

Firm: Ghows LLC

Location: Singapore



Wai Yeng has over 10 years of experience in Intellectual Property. Prior to joining Taylor Vinters Via, Wai Yeng worked in the IP department of a number of law firms in Singapore and acquired significant experience in patent work including drafting of patent specifications, patent registrations and advising clients in relation to patent infringement.

In addition to handling the patent practice of Taylor Vinters Via, Wai Yeng heads their Brands Practice, working closely with Taylor Vinters in the UK in ensuring that their clients’ brands are protected not only locally but also on a regional and worldwide level.

Wai Yeng has extensive experience in building and protecting brands in emerging markets. In her last role, she headed the IP practice of the largest foreign law firm in Myanmar that supported rights owners in relation to the enforcement, border control, due diligence and protection of trade mark rights.





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