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Dr. Cita Citrawinda is a registered IP Consultant and Mediator based in Jakarta. She has extensive experience in negotiating IP and technology-related transactions such as licensing, franchising and assignment agreements. Her practice is focused on IP protection, trade secret misappropriation, copyright, trade mark and patent infringement matters, litigation, counselling as well as negotiating settlements, devising strategies to address and reconcile varying obstacles to protection or infringement risks between jurisdictions and has represented international and Indonesian corporations.

She was the first Indonesian woman to earn a Masters degree in Intellectual Property and she now holds a Doctorate with honours in Law from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Her expertise in IP has seen her involvement in litigious IP matters and frequently in Government activities as an advisor and consultant on IP issues. Ibu Cita is President of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorneys Association (AKHKI). She regularly acts as an expert witness in IP cases in Indonesia and is also a member of the Indonesian Group Council of ASEAN IP Association (AIPA), Country Head of AIPPI and the Trade Secret Committee, Co-Chair of the Copyright Committee of Asian Patent Attorney Association and Vice-Chair of the Indonesian IP Academy (IIPA). She has also authored numerous articles on IP issues in Indonesia and joined the Helpdesk network in February 2014.