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Manuel served as a senior police officer in the French Ministry of the Interior for 35 years. He is a recognized expert in the fight against organized crime and in the field of international cooperation, having led a regional project against counterfeit products posing risks to public safety and health in Vietnam. His judicial expertise, know-how in security issues related to property and individuals, as well as his intimate knowledge of local institutions, provide him with the necessary tools to analyze and identify the needs of EU companies and provide them with practical solutions.

He also served as a specialized judicial investigator for 21 years at the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police in Paris, France, providing him with national and international experience before being twice assigned to Vietnam for the International Security Cooperation Directorate of the French Ministry of the Interior (DCIS).

From 2005 to 2009, he was the Deputy Attaché for Internal Security at the Consulate General of France in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, responsible for technical police cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security. As such, he organized numerous inter-ministerial conferences and trainings during this period on the fight against counterfeiting for Vietnamese law enforcement agencies engaged in this fight, already relying at the time on the expertise of IAS-8, now renamed EMERASIA.

From 2012 to 2014, he was assigned to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Regional Chief and Coordinator of the "FSP Mekong Project 2008-5 - on the fight against counterfeit products (especially medicines, cosmetics, and spirits) posing a high health and safety risk in the Mekong sub-region (VIETNAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA)" and appointed Technical Advisor to the Deputy Director General of the Criminal Police of the Ministry of Public Security.

He was also appointed as a key expert for criminal investigations and technical assistance (forensic police of Myanmar) and helped to strengthen the training of the Myanmar police forces in the field of criminal investigations and forensic science demonstrating once again his unique skills to adapt and deal with local work culture and authorities.

Manuel has extensive experience with enforcement of EU brands goods suffering from counterfeiting and illicit trade issues in South-East Asia region especially Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.