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Europe - How to Become an Ambassador

How to Become a European IP Helpdesk Ambassador

IP Support at Your Doorstep

IP Support at Your Doorstep

The European IP Helpdesk mainly addresses its services to European SMEs in English, but we are aware that when it comes to providing support to local SMEs, “the language and the national specificities" might be the barriers.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for SMEs, and the European IP Helpdesk joined their forces to make you better benefit from their services. In the framework of this cooperation, EEN advisors particularly skilled in IP matters can become European IP Helpdesk Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors put all the European IP Helpdesk resources at your disposal, thus supporting your IP inquiries in your own language and helping you to integrate IP in your business strategies.

  • Do you wish to access our fact sheets in your own language?
  • Are you hesitating to call our Helpline because of language concerns?
  • You wish to receive or organise an IP training in your home town?

Whatever your IP issue may be, don’t hesitate to call the European IP Helpdesk Ambassador from your country/region – just at your doorstep!

Currently, we have 47 ambassadors from 28 European countries.

Becoming an Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador

The European IP Helpdesk scheme is restricted to the members of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). We are looking forward to the applications of EEN advisors with at least 2 years of IP experience.

Should you have any questions related to this cooperation scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

Below, please find more information on the roles and privileges of our IP Ambassadors.



  • Promotion of the European IP Helpdesk services at local awareness-raising events
  • Provision of basic IP training events and advice at local level using European IP Helpdesk training materials and publications
  • Permission to use, translate and adapt training, publications and informative material provided by the Helpdesk
  • Participation in training and networking events for the European IP Helpdesk Ambassadors
  • Promotion of the European IP Helpdesk services and activities on respective Enterprise Europe Network members' websites and via additional communication means (e.g. newsletters)
  • Assessment of local SMEs’ needs with regard to IP and provision of feedback to the Helpdesk team



  • Privileged access to training material that may be translated and used in locally organised training events
  • Continuous provision of informative material (i.e. leaflets, service presentation) and new publications (i.e. fact sheets, guides and articles) to be translated, adapted and distributed to local SMEs
  • Regular updates on new IP developments, for instance with regard to new IP provisions for SMEs in the EU research and innovation programmes Horizon 2020 and COSME
  • Promotion of specific IP activities of the individual Enterprise Europe Network partner via the Helpdesk’s communication channels and website
  • Assistance in appointing external speakers from the European IP Helpdesk 's network of partners (e.g. INNOVACCESS - Network of National IP Offices in Europe, European Patent Office/Academy) for specific IP events
  • Regular and systematic exchange on experiences and best practices in IP between the European IP Helpdesk and the European Union IP Helpdesk Ambassadors

Are you a European IP Helpdesk Ambassador already?


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