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Ms. Chris Li is the East China Director for S&O IP in China, with more than 15 years of in-depth IP experience covering Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Chris specializes in both on-the-ground and online infringements. Chris holds LLB in Law, from the University of Hertfordshire (UK), and an LLM in IP/Unfair Competition from the City University of Hong Kong. In addition to her anti-counterfeiting practice that focuses on administrative and criminal actions on the ground, she also manages the Internet Anti-counterfeiting program for large-cap international companies operating in China. She works closely with platforms such as TAOBAO, ALIBABA, MADE IN CHINA, and PINDUODUO, as well as social media such as WEIBO and WECHAT in helping protect the client’s rights. Chris also has extensive expertise in Customs protection, from setting up the Customs watch program to organizing professional training and meetings with the Customs officials, to help clients stop infringing consignments.

In addition to IP, Chris provides consultancy and advice to clients in respect of Regulatory Affairs – esp. for imported-to-China cosmetics – How to obtain official approval for the imported cosmetics, as well as preparation and review before product launch into China market, support to product’s post-market regulatory, and legal support on Advertising Law and E-Commerce Law.