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Name: Huang, Hui

Firm: Wanhuida

Location: Beijing, China

Email: huanghuiatwanhuida [dot] com (huanghui[at]wanhuida[dot]com)




Dr Huang Hui is Senior Partner of Wanhuida. He is a scholar, lawyer, trademark attorney, Research Fellow of Intellectual Property Centre of China Academy of Social Sciences and the Arbitrator of Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre of CIETAC. Prior to joining Wanhuida, Dr Huang served 12 years at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC). He also studied international industrial property law and graduated from the Centre of International Study of Industrial Property (CEIPI), Robert Schuman University in France. After graduation, Dr Huang conducted academic research on the protection of well-known trademarks within the China Academy of Social Sciences ("Legal Protection of Well-Known and Famous Marks") (Law Press, 2001), where he was awarded the degree of doctor at law. Dr Huang is also an active practicing attorney who represents clients before the People's Courts of China in a wide variety of litigations, some of which have become landmark decisions in the industry.