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Ms. Mingyue Dun is a recognized pioneer in the judicial and administrative protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in China. She began her practice in the IP field in 1993 when she joined a leading agency providing intellectual property services. Her vast experience has touched on almost every area of IPR. She has successfully represented a number of well-known multinational enterprises with the enforcement of their intellectual property rights in Chinese courts. She has aggressively pursued IP counterfeiters by utilizing raid actions in over a hundred cases to promptly stop infringement. To cope with the emerging threat of online counterfeits, she has developed several courses of action for clients to protect their IPR, including online complaints, investigation, administrative action, criminal action, and civil actions. This comprehensive approach has had great success in restraining online counterfeits.

Ms. Dun is an innovator who provides her clients with creative solutions to fit their needs.  This creativity was utilized while handling the dispute of the trademark right for a prestigious Business School. In that case, she forced the other side to transfer all the trademarks and domain names that have been registered for about 10 years to her client. In another case, while the client does not have any trademark registration in China, she successfully got the client’s trademark recognized unregistered well-known trademark by the court and obtained an award of 1.5 million of China yuan as compensation.