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PYREG: From Waste To Value


ISBN 978-92-9469-633-5, DOI 10.2826/785445, Catalogue number EA-02-23-178-EN-N
Publication date
10 December 2023
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
  • Case study


The use of biomass to generate energy is inextricably linked to human development. In view of the finite nature of fossil fuels and the climatic effects of their use, recycling residual materials into high-quality biochar and renewable energy is an important option for modern societies in their quest for more sustainable energy production. Moreover, rising waste disposal costs and legislation aimed at reducing waste while promoting recycling require novel solutions and technologies. In order to meet the decentralised demand and availability of biomass, special emphasis is placed on small-scale energy plants. The successful journey of PYREG showcases how a small German company sets new milestones for efficient waste disposal with its revolutionary and sustainable technology and how a sound intellectual property strategy supported starting their business.


10 DECEMBER 2023
PYREG: From Waste To Value