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Protecting your IP at Trade Fairs


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1 December 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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This guide provides an overview of Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategy for EU SMEs specifically on how to be ready before, during and after a trade fair or exhibition in China, South-East Asia, India and Latin-America. Trade fairs provide IP owners with the opportunity to present their innovations and ideas to potential business partners and customers. In addition, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs allows them to learn from and collaborate with other innovators. With the advent of increasingly integrated global-value chains and the continuous drive to innovate, trade fairs have become one of the most important and most efficient instruments for accessing new markets worldwide. From a prevention point of view, although attending a trade fair or exhibition can reap substantial benefits, SMEs should be aware of the possible IP risks that are implied. There is for example the risk that by disclosing your innovations to the public you are exposing yourself to third parties copying and infringing your IP. When talking about ‘infringement’ in this guide, it is important to note that we do not solely refer to mere counterfeiting of a product or un-authorised usage of a brand.

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Protecting your IP at Trade Fairs