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IPR enforcement in South-East Asia


Publication date
10 June 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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  • IP Guide


Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) refer generally to the collection of rights that the owners of intellectual property (“IP”) are entitled to enjoy. IP exists in many forms such as a company logo, an advertising slogan, a unique process or a way of doing things, a new music score, a new drug composition, or a creative piece of furniture design, amongst others. All these various forms of IP share a common characteristic – they are creations of the mind and feature unique and distinguishing characteristics that differentiates them from other IP. In the business world, this uniqueness is economically valuable. Inventions, for example, typically enjoy a natural monopoly because inventions are, by nature, different from existing technology, and can potentially secure newfound profits for the owner. A new song can propel a musician from obscurity to stardom or a newly patented technology can be the pivotal step for a start-up to scale up and become the next leader in its market segment. Because IP is both unique and valuable and is a key component for growth of businesses, owners of IP should take care to protect their IPR, restricting or excluding the use of their IP by others. Enforcement of IPR achieves this need and is an important aspect of IP strategy for EU SMEs.


10 JUNE 2021
IPR enforcement in South-East Asia