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IP considerations in the textile industry in South-East Asia


Publication date
11 June 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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  • IP Guide


The textile industry in South-East Asia offers many promising business opportunities to European SMEs, as garments are one of ASEAN’s largest exports. The textile industry is still growing in the majority of South-East Asian countries, with the fastest growth rates registered in Vietnam and Cambodia. Furthermore, Thailand has traditionally been strong in textile manufacturing and has now set its sights on becoming a fashion hub for the ASEAN region as its textile and garment exports to other ASEAN countries have been steadily growing for the past few years. Similarly, the Indonesian government is committed to preparing several incentives in a bid to boost the textile sector and make Indonesia one of the top five global textile exporters. South-East Asia has been the production hub for many European companies which export apparel and accessories back to the European Market. At the same time, South-East Asia offers market opportunities for European products as European design is becoming more well-known in the region. Singapore, for example, has become Asia’s second fashion capital, offering a variety of high-end international brands. As Asian consumers are becoming more affluent and cities like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur are more established in the fashion world, opportunities for European SMEs in the region will grow.


11 JUNE 2021
IP considerations in the textile industry in South-East Asia