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IP considerations for the manufacturing industry in South-East Asia


Publication date
10 June 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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  • IP Guide


Manufacturing is one of the key drivers of growth in South-East Asia, with more and more South-East Asian countries winning manufacturers over from China due to lower labour costs, rising domestic consumption and improving infrastructure. Well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and Coach have so far established plants in Myanmar and Vietnam, leveraging on the cheap labour market and growing domestic demand in these countries. In Cambodia, the textiles and footwear manufacturing industry alone generates USD 6 billion (approx. EUR 5 billion) annually for the economy, with the export of garments representing nearly two-thirds of the country’s total export. In Indonesia, manufacturing also serves as one of the greatest contributors to annual economic growth with statistics from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency showing that the sector contributed 0.92 percent to the total economic growth of 5.02 percent in 2016. Even in more technically advanced countries like Singapore, it is observed that the manufacturing sector continues to occupy the greatest share of the GDP pie for the past few decades. Statistics from the Singapore Department of Statistics show that in 2016, manufacturing contributed to 19.6% of Singapore’s annual GDP.


10 JUNE 2021
IP considerations for the manufacturing industry in South-East Asia