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Industry 4.0 and IP Protection


Publication date
30 September 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
  • IP Guide


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is currently transforming the world. “Industry 4.0” refers to this jump in physical and digital technologies making companies more efficient, and transforming their decision making. Of course, Industry 4.0 is changing the Chinese market, and this is particularly visible in government plans to upgrade the manufacturing capacities of Chinese industry into a technology powerhouse. To that end, the Chinese authorities are focusing on developing sectors such as FinTech, e-commerce, e-healthcare and smart logistics. This guide addresses the Intellectual Property issues often faced by SMEs engaged in Industry 4.0 walking you through how to safeguard your rights through registration and creation and implementation of contractual, cybersecurity and IP management best practices to secure both registered IP and trade secrets.


IP Guide - Industry 4.0 and IP Protection