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How to Remove Counterfeit Products from E-commerce Websites


Publication date
15 December 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
  • IP Guide


Apart from being a forum for legitimate vendors and original products, the internet is also used by unscrupulous businesses as a platform for the distribution of counterfeit goods which infringe intellectual property rights (IPR). The explosive growth in access to the internet has resulted in a shift in the modus operandi of counterfeiters to move their illegal activities online. Online e-commerce websites might become easy and anonymous options for counterfeiters to reach out to potential customers as well as popular social media platforms. Beyond the avenues of online e-commerce and social media platforms, there has been a growing trend of counterfeiters making use of personal communication channels to affect their sales (such as mobile application software and Facebook pages).


15 DECEMBER 2021
IP Guide - How to Remove Counterfeit Products from E-commerce Websites