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Patent Information Centre & Technology Innovation Support Centre, Punjab



Patent Information Centre, Punjab is the Nodal Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related services setup at Punjab State Council for Science & Technology by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Govt. of Punjab in the year 1998. PIC-Punjab works towards strengthening IP Ecosystem by promoting and supporting tech-led innovations and augmenting the IP Capacity of the innovators of the state. The Centre caters to various IP needs of R & D Professionals, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, startups, Policymakers, Industry & Grass root Innovators. The activities include protecting and managing innovations by providing International patent search facilities to ascertain the novelty of inventions and facilitating IPR filing with technical support from Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council -DST-GoI. The centre also strives to create robust innovation culture through patent awareness programs, building capacities, addressing training needs, and supporting IPR related policy framework.

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Patent Information Centre & Technology Innovation Support Centre, Punjab
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