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SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises has consistently fostered business development in Greece for nearly a century. It is an independent, non-profit association for employer and enterprises organisations sustained by membership fees and sponsorships only from members. SEV is in the forefront of economic and business developments and continuously adapts to rapidly evolving conditions. Today, it is the leading independent employers’ union and the independent voice of Greek business.

SEV Associations’ members represent today over of 85 billion euros in turnover that is about 50% of the turnover of all Greek limited companies. Almost 300.000 employees work in SEV members plus 400.000 who work for the members of our member organizations.

As the main, independent, employer’s organisation representing the collective vision of industry and the wider business community in Greece, SEV targets its activities for continuous improvement of the economic and business environment as well as the development and growth of enterprises. SEV focuses on shaping and promoting policies that express the concerns of the business community as it addresses to the society, the public administration, other social partners, as well as European and international organisations. SEV also provides members with accurate and timely business information on current issues.

SEV is actively involved in promoting and supporting Greek businesses to access world markets encouraging collaborations and joint actions with foreign companies. More specifically focuses on:

  • coordinating the activities of Greek enterprises internationally.
  • creating awareness in international economic and business circles about the potential of Greece and Greek firms.
  • encouraging Greek businesses to participate in European, regional and international enterprising schemes.
  • attracting foreign investments in Greece.
  • promoting Greece as the economic and business centre in the region.
  • promoting policies concerning the internationalization of Greek enterprises to the competent state authorities


SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises