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  • Belgium

AWEX, partner of the international economic development of Wallonia.

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) is in charge of the development and management of Wallonia's international economic relations.

With regards to foreign trade, the Agency has a promotion and information mission with regard to both the international and Walloon business community.

Intended for purchasers, decision-makers, importers and foreign prospects, the Agency can, on request:

  • pass on economic data regarding Wallonia and its export potential;
  • provide information on the products and services of Walloon businesses;
  • seek Walloon businesses for the conclusion of international partnerships;
  • distribute lists of Walloon exporters.

Vis-a-vis Walloon businesses, the Agency is their comprehensive international partner, providing a range of services and activities covering the entire export process:

  • General and commercial information on foreign markets;
  • Production of individual market studies on request;
  • Organisation of commercial canvassing operations (participation in international shows, organisation of economic missions, sector-based contact days, etc.);
  • Contacts with international organisations;
  • Promotion of Wallonia and its export potential;
  • Financial support and funding for exports;
  • Training and raising awareness of international professions.

With regards to foreign investment, the Agency provides general expertise in the areas of promotion, prospecting and informing potential investors. It also ensures active monitoring of investors based in Wallonia, as well a mission to find foreign buyers for Walloon industrial sites in the process of restructuring.

AWEX is also competent for the strengthening of the Wallonia brand image overseas.

AWEX has a workforce of more than 400 people and about one hundred offices overseas.


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