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A German cluster of INNOMAG stands for the promotion of magnetic micro and nanotechnology including their different sensor principles – which primarily are based upon the AMR-, GMR- and the Hall Effect as well as on the advanced TMR technology.

The GMR effect, discovered by Peter Grünberg (honorary member of the German cluster) in 1988, has considerably contributed within a very short time to a substantial further development in the area of memory and information technology. As in other areas, the future potential is still far away from being fully utilised.

The German cluster is a registered association founded in 2007 with support of the Ministry for Econonomics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture Rheinland-Pfalz. The association has 31 Members located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main objective is the conjunction of resources in the area of research, development and assembly.

Therefore, all potentials of magnetic Microsystems technology should be bundled and coordinated. The advantages for all involved enterprises and research institutes are obvious: expansion of know-how, promotion of joined-up thinking and not least an improved added value.