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Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian (BeLCol)

Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian (BeLCol) Chamber of Commerce

Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian (BeLCol) Chamber of Commerce aims at supporting the development and strength of relationships between these three countries. Particularly contributing to the growth of commercial projects and promoting the trade and investment, taking advantages of the many opportunities that offers the ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Colombia. The Chamber is building progressively a broad network of contacts, establishing a collective support and a cooperative perspective to the bilateral relationships between Belgium-Luxembourg and Colombia. BeLCol is a privileged interlocutor instructing about its countries and helping the interested parties in boosting, positioning and solidifying their business and objectives, while strengthening the economies and facilitating cooperation to face challenges with the rest of the world. 


Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian (BeLCol)

Belgo-Luxembourg-Colombian (BeLCol)