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Webinar - Intellectual Property in Latin America: how to exploit your creations

Intellectual Property is a powerful tool to benefit from your company's intangible assets. In fact, compared to tangible assets, intangible assets protected by IPRs offer a wider range of options when it comes to exploitation. Besides the manufacture and commercialization of the product or services, owners may choose other means to profit from their creations.

The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk together with the Dublin Chamber will host a webinar for EU SMEs interested in doing business or enter R&D collaborative relationships in Latin America.

Join us if you want to learn more about the advantages and possibilities derived from a right management of your IP Rights and how profitable they can be.

EU SMEs interested in knowing more about IP exploitation and its particularities in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina will have the chance to have a view on the following main questions:

  • Main aspects to start exploiting your creations safely (IPR to bear in mind)
  • Costs for IPR registration
  • Exploitation strategies and additional benefits of an IP portfolio
  • Most relevant IP exploitation regimes: from licenses to subsidiaries
  • Particularities of Latin American countries
  • Main IP clauses to include in license agreements

Moreover, any queries that the EU companies might have, shall be answered by the expert during the training session.

  • intellectual property
  • Tuesday 16 February 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 (CET)

Practical information

Tuesday 16 February 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 (CET)