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News article31 May 20221 min read

WIPO Publishes New Patent Landscape Report: Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Transportation

The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) has just published a new Patent Landscape Report on “Hydrogen fuel cells in transportation”. The report is a part of WIPO's anti climate-change efforts.

The key findings show that the global transportation-related sector is responsible for almost 24 percent of direct carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion. Therefore, it becomes crucial to transform the transportation sector by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and put it on a Net Zero pathway to be able to fight climate change. This transformation can be only possible by combining innovation, technological developments, international cooperation and of course an adapted customer behaviour.  

The report states that fuel cells that convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity to power vehicles, emit only water and warmth and over the past years there has been a significant increase in patent filings both in fuel cells in general and their application in transportation in particular. In addition to the increase in patents in direct transportation applications, there has also been a growth in patents for automated production. Simultaneously, a remarkable increase in fuel cell recycling has also been observed.



Publication date
31 May 2022