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News article3 March 20221 min read

WIPO Global Awards for SMEs: Submission deadline coming soon

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the European Union’s economy and account for more than half of the EU's Gross Domestic Product. Intellectual property (IP) plays an important role in the success of SMEs by enabling them to obtain a return on their investments in research and development and maximise the potential of their businesses. However, only a small percentage of European SMEs knows and protects their IP.

The WIPO Global Awards Program recognizes SMEs that use IP rights to develop solutions that have made a positive impact on culture, society or the economy.

The first WIPO Global Awards will be granted in July 2022 to five SMEs, which are nominated by a distinguished international jury of IP professionals from a broad range of business sectors. Winners will benefit from several privileges, including a customised mentorship programme, international promotion, a sponsorship programme and participation in the awards ceremony.

The submissions period ends on 14 March 2022.



Publication date
3 March 2022