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News article8 December 20221 min read

UK – India Free Trade Agreement Going Forward

FTA goes forward

Negotiations on a renewed FTA between India and the UK experienced some back-and-forth scenarios, where both parties struggled to reach a final settlement. However, after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and England’s counterpart Rishi Sunak recently met in Bali the agreement seems to be back on track and is expected to be complete in four to five months.

Some of the few points still on the table are wider access to Indian films in the UK and specific rules within the patent regime that concern Indian officials. Such concerns are surely soon to be overcome in favor of stronger more harmonised intellectual property and trade systems.

The United Kingdom has insisted on their side for the reduction of import duties for spirits and automobiles mainly as well as facilitating the mobility of professionals, hence strengthening both countries’ labor markets.



Publication date
8 December 2022