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News article31 May 2022

Trade Mark Protection in the Metaverse: Indian Trade Marks Registry Sees Filing Activities in Related Classes

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With the "Metaverse" seemingly being the "next big thing", two recent IP blogposts draw our attention to the fact that companies across the globe - including India - are rushing to protect their trade marks in this new online, virtual environment.

While the post published by  IPKat illlustrates some recent activities in the US and highlights trade marks applied for in the EU for ‘downloadable virtual goods’ and ‘online virtual services’, Indian-based lawyer Aparajita Lath in her article on SpicyIP takes a look at the situation in India. Here, according to the author, the Indian Trademarks Registry is also seeing activity under classes 9, 35 and 41 for registration of trade marks in relation to ‘downloadable virtual goods’ and online virtual services.



Publication date
31 May 2022