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News article11 January 20221 min read

Technology Transfer: EPO Releases Two New Case Studies Jointly Developed with the European IP Helpdesk

The European Patent Office (EPO) has published two new cases as part of their case study series centred around successful technology transfer. Jointly developed with the European IP Helpdesk, the series aims to showcase how patents facilitate technology transfer from universities and public research organisations in Europe and help boost the market success of university spin-offs.

The case of the Austrian spin-out “Cubicure” illustrates how the development of a long-term technology transfer strategy with smart distribution of usage rights allowed the Technical University of Vienna to achieve scientific breakthroughs and commercialisation success in the field of 3D printing with its industry partner, Ivoclar.

The second case study traces the story of the Italian company “Blubrake”, which is very much the story of a successful collaboration between a research team at the Politecnico di Milano and the Milan-based incubator, e-Novia, that helped bring this technology to life and ultimately to the market. The launch of the case study is accompanied by the release of a brand-new edition of the EPO’s podcast “Talk Innovation”. Moderated by Stephanie Weber from the European IP Helpdesk team, Blubrake’s co-founder, Fabio Todeschini, and technology transfer expert Professor Granieri share further insights into the success of Blubrake and the role of a smart patent strategy therein.

If you would like to learn more about the case study series, hear from additional experts and find out more about this particular collaboration between the EPO and the European IP Helpdesk, you may also watch the recording of last year’s launch event “From Lab to Market: Successful Technology Transfer Journeys”, which is now available online.



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11 January 2022