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News article19 October 2022

Samsung’s R&D Institute of Bangalore Won India’s National Intellectual Property Award

SRI-B Wins National IP Award

The Samsung R&D Institute of Bangalore (SRI-B) is the companies’ largest R&D facility outside Korea, and one of the most active companies when it comes to the filing of intellectual property rights in India.

In fact, the institute has filed over 7500 patents worldwide covering a wide range of technologies such as wideband wireless communications protocols, high end camera optimisation solutions and 5G and 6G related innovations.

Not only the R&D institute has very intense patenting activities but it also fosters young innovators to bloom through their mentorship, as SRI-B mentioned nearly 50% of their patent filers are first time inventors and 27% have less than 5 years of experience.

Over the last four years the centre has experienced a 100% growth in their patent filings and has connected with multiple academic institutions via their program PRISM to close the gap between industry an academia. All in all, the research arm of the corporation has excelled in both vision and execution of their projects proving to be a worthy holder of the award.



Publication date
19 October 2022